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Atheists are one of the fastest growing minorities in the world, and many people are choosing to give voice to their views publicly rather than hiding their lack of religious beliefs from their communities. In some cases, this public declaration of atheism can lead to social backlash from friends and family; in other areas, it can even be physically dangerous to admit to atheism.

Through no fault of its own, atheism has frequently been maligned by religious people. Many tend to misunderstand atheists as individuals who are immoral, evil, and damned for being unable to adopt belief in a deity. That is why many atheist activist groups fall short of financial and other forms of support making it difficult for atheist organizations to be sustainable.
Big or small, all organizations need money to function. Moreover, since atheism is a subject few people want to discuss openly, it can be challenging to find donors who are willing to fund an organization that promotes it as publicly and unapologetically as Atheist Republic.

If you believe in what we are doing, and want the world to be more welcoming of atheists, please donate to Atheist Republic so we can reach more people with resources and support.
Atheist Republic has accomplished so much in a very short time, and we have big plans for the future. Without you, we could not have come this far, and with your continuing support, we believe our growing community will be able to reach even greater heights.
Bringing you great content and building active godless communities takes hundreds of hours and resources each month. If you find any joy or stimulation at Atheist Republic, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good dinner.

What We've Done

Atheism is often perceived as a taboo subject, a subject that people refrain from discussing, whether in private or public. Atheists fear being judged for what they do not believe in. In recent years however, atheism has grown and people are curious to learn more about the subject now than ever before.

In keeping with this developing trend, Atheist Republic has been working diligently since 2011 to educate its visitors about atheism, secularism, humanitarianism and related topics. In the last three years, Atheist Republic has managed to reach hundreds of thousands of people across the world.
If you follow us regularly, you probably already know what we have done so far. However, for those of you who are new to our website, here is a list of a few things Atheist Republic has achieved to date: 
- Blog: Our blog encourages writers from across the world to contribute their experiences and opinions related to Atheism as well as religion.
- News: This section is updated with news articles on a daily basis to inform readers about all the mayhem that is carried out in the name of religion in different countries.
- Forum: Our forum is a unique place on the internet that not only encourages atheists to interact with each other but also allows space for atheists and believers to engage in conversation and healthy debates. The Atheist Republic Forum has become very active in recent months. 
- Gallery: With a large collection of quote memes that spark debates and interesting graphics that educate people, our gallery keeps growing every day.
- Resources: The resource section on Atheist Republic has information pertaining to books, documentaries, movies, and even parenting advice for atheist parents!

Going Global! 

Here, we must mention how Atheist Republic now has more than one million fans worldwide. Furthermore, our private group on Facebook is known to be the most active atheist group online. 
With a management team of more than 250 members from different countries including Britain, Iran, Philippines, Canada, India, Pakistan, Germany and Ecuador, Atheist Republic continues to welcome bloggers, journalists, editors, graphic designers, web developers, strategists, lawyers and translators.

Upcoming Projects

Atheist Republic was set up in 2011 to not only educate more people about atheism but also provide support and community for atheists. In this short period, the website has managed to establish how the truth is not necessarily what the majority believes in, and how it has played a crucial role in encouraging people to question their deeply held beliefs.

Atheist Republic has accomplished a lot in the last few years but the journey seems to have only begun. Our growing team is highly aware of the scope and opportunity that lies beyond our website and each member is equally driven to contribute in his or her own capacity to ensure Atheist Republic reaches all the readers, listeners, and viewers it can.

With podcasts and video clips in the pipeline, Atheist Republic hopes to reach out to a much larger fan base than it already has. Our content, which primarily revolves around various concepts of atheism and religion, will soon be available on iTunes and our YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for us!

Atheist Republic is now working on promoting its local groups to arrange events in different locations across the world. Not to forget, additional features and even more interesting sections will be added to our much popular forums that are already very active. The website also plans to expand and launch versions of its current self in Spanish and Arabic and other languages.

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